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 When Breath Becomes Air

01 | 원문
Five years down the line
I don`t know but i`ll doing and maybe
dad I may not be
If you ask me when I was 17 but
I be doing my life I would have
Said I definitely a writer
But found medicine most in fact
The perfect place
I first began noticing symotoms
In my sixty year residency
Obviously we`ve seen over both
Very suspicious that I had some
Form of cancer but actually
Adding the confirmation still
Devastating since his birth my
Time with her has had a very
Peculiar and free nature in all
I won`t live long enough for her
To remember me and so the time
Is just is what it is
It’s a careful balance if you
Don`t think about the bad case
That ending is going to be rough
On you and your family but I
Didn`t think about the good case
You`re going to miss an
Opportunity to really make the
Most out of your life and time

02 | 해설
이번에 소개해 드리는 영상은 CF아니라 책에 관련된 광고 영상입니다.
책의 제목은 "When Breath Becomes Air".
서른 여섯 젊은 의사가 남긴 2년간의 기록을 담은 책입니다.
의 젊은 의사는 신경외과 레지던트 마지막해. 하루 열네 시간씩 이어지는 혹독한 수련 생활 끝에 원하는 삶이 손에 잡힐 것 같던 바로 그때 맞닥뜨린 폐암 4기 판정...신경외과 의사로서 치명적인 뇌 손상 환자들을 치료하며 죽음과 싸운던 저자가 폐암 말기 판정을 받고 죽음을 마주하게 된 마지막 2년의 기록을 담은 책입니다.
영상은 통해서 저자가 어떠한 내용을 남겼는지 확인해 보시죠.

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