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 Smaht Pahk - HyunDai

01 | 원문
Chris Evans: Oh look at this guy.
Hey, Rachel. How are ya?
Rachel: Hey! Good, how are you?
Chris Evans: He’s not getting that car in there.
Rachel: No, sir.
John Krasinski: Look at these two troublemakers.
Chris Evans: Hey, Johnee! How are ya?
Rachel: Wicked cow, is that new?
John Krasinski: Yes just Sonata. Let me park it.
Chris Evans: You’re not fitting your car in there.
John Krasinski: Chris, stop being a smarty pants, okay?
John Krasinski: Look who’s got Smaht Pahk!
Rachel: Smaht Pahk?
John Krasinski: Just hit the clicker, car parks itself.
Chris Evan: It’s smart.
John Krasinski: It’s wicked smart. And I could park it anywhere.
Rachel: How about Dorchester?
John Krasinski: Parked it.
Chris Evan: Fox Borough
John Krasinski: Parked it.
Rachel: The Garden?
John Krasinski: Parked it.
Chris Evan: Saugus
John Krasinski: Parked it.
Rachel: Swampscott
Chris Evan: Revere?
Rachel: The Habah
John Krasinski: Are you kidding me? I parked it and then unparked it.
Chris Evan: You unparked it?
John Krasinski: Kid
Chris Evan: Game changer
Man: That Sonata ain’t got no driver.
Chris Evan: That’s alright, he’s got Smaht Pahk.
Man: Hey, you can’t park there.
Rachel: He’s got Smaht Pahk!
Chris Evan: Hey whoa whoa… it’s Big Papi.
Big Papi: Wicket smart.
Rachel: This is a ghost car.
A better way to park - only available on the all-new Sonata with remote smart parking assistance.
John Krasinski: Sorry about that, Your Bigness. Do you guys know he lived there?
Chris Evans: I had no idea.

02 | 단어&표현
* look at something : ~을 (자세히) 살피다 / ~에 대해 생각하다
* rachel: 밝은 황갈색의, 살색의.
* park it : 앉아라
* parked :  주차한

03 | 해설
2020년 현대자동차의 무인 주차시스템 광고 영상입니다. 어떠한 상황에서 유용하게 무인주차시스템을 사용하는지 영상을 통해서 같이 감상해 보시죠.

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