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 The Story of the Little One

01 | 원문
KFC presents a sad story: The Story of the Little One.
Think how he feels next to his big brothers with their official cool names.
The thumb, the like button before the like button.  The index finger, the one that shows the way.
The middle finger, the bad boy. The ring finger, the family man. But he is just the little one, the army knife.
Hey little one, drive that screw. Hey little one, remove my sleep. Hey little one, it’s toothpick time.
Hey little one, my ear needs cleaning. And of course, he’s never invited to parties.
But KFC is gonna change all that because in order to grab a piece of KFC chicken, you’ll need all five fingers.
And of course afterwards you’ll lick them all. And yes, even the little one - because at KFC we are for the little one and for every single finger.
Finger-lickin good.

02 | 단어&표현
* present : 현재의, 있는
* story : (허구적인, 재미있는) 이야기
* a sad story : 슬픈 이야기
* official : 공무상의, (직책과 관련된) 공식적인
* button : (옷의) 단, (기계를 작동시키기 위해 누르는) 버튼
* thumb : 엄지손가락
* likely : ~할 공산이 있는, ~할것 같은

03 | 해설
소개해 드리는 영상은 KFC 입니다.
5개의 손가락중에서 가장 많이 사용되지 않는 손가락이 어느 손가락이라고 생각하시나요? 바로 마지막 손가락인 새끼손가락이 아닐까요? 이부분을 KFC에서는 영상에 적용시켰습니다.
KFC의 음식을 먹기 위해서는 5개의 손가락이 전부 필요하다는것이죠...어떻게 표현을 했는지는 영상을 통해서 같이 감상해 보시죠.

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