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Know what`s what 돌아가는 이치를 알다

2016-10-11 조회 : 2163

대 화 해 설
Mom :  Hi, Tommy, here!

Tommy : Mom, have you been waiting for me?

Mom : Yes. Did you learn a lot at school today?

Tommy : Yes, Mom. I think I am beginning to know what`s what about school life.

Mom : I`m glad you`re beginning to understand your school life. How did you like your first lunch box today?

Tommy : It was OK, but because I was running late this morning, the contents were all mixed up, so it was difficult to know what was what.

Mom : By the way, where`s your jacket?

Tommy : Don`t worry. I was so hot that I took it off and put it in my lunch box.

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