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Hi Meer. Chuseok is coming which means I am not going to school for 3 days. Oh it might be 5 days including weekends. We call it 'gold holiday' in Korean. For example like, holiday is on Wed, Thur, Fri or Mon, Tues, Wed. Anyway, I want to tell you about Chuseok. What a shame I am! How couldn't I answer your question about Chuseok, even though I'm Korean? But you know, many people do. haha We have celebrated Chuseok because it's abundance season. It is the feature that we eat Songpyun which is made by rice in Chuseok. We also perform ancestral rites in the morning. FYI, Christians do not. Facing a Chuseok also means facing autumn. It will be cold, be careful not to catch a cold.
2016-09-09 오후 10:12:43