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 I am writing self information essay.
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When I was high school third degree. I don't want to wrote it. I didn't choose a university where need it. But I should write it. Later I thought It doesn't need anymore. I deleted it. Now I need it. I found all over. but I can't find it. I can't remember what I wrote it. I get a information from article. It make to me more than easier work. I hope get a final acceptance before test. If I get it I don't need to test. The sound is great to me. University is important issue at life. Android new version Nougat is good. My sister can't use it. LG will not provide it. Xaomi is cheap than other phone. But I can get more cheap phone. But I need to pay month. And the spec is lower than Xaomi.
2016-09-12 오전 7:09:55