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 setember 22. 2017
 조남욱 ()

happy Friday to you, M.james ? I'm happy listening to music for Friday do you have a plan for the weekend ? what are you going to studying? i'm going to studying lincenced tax accountant exam you mean our book or another book? enlish book, another book? what's book? I hope you wonderful time studying what is your exepression? let's fight tonight. they ask this class. what's your ages? long term(answer) : i'm forty- seven years old short term : i'm forty- seven let's talk about your children how old are your children? my child is eight let's talk about your boss? long term : my boss is fifty-seven years old short term : my boss is fifty-seven we don't have time. are you see Mon.
2017-09-23 오전 8:05:32