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 The Happy Star
 이** (jean)


A little boy wondered if there was his own star in the sky.

So many little stars!

Somewhere among them, is your star too.

How can it be found?

What if  you did something good?

Maybe your star would be happy and shine even brigher.

It's morning! A whole day to do something good. But first of all take a bath.

And have breakfast.

Now where to start?

All the toys are scattered around.

Need to put  everything in order so toys won't be lost and my room will be neat and tidy.

The poor flower is dying. Quick, It must be watered.

Here are the fish that live in the fishbowl. They want to have breakfast too.

Time to go outside and play with the other children.

What would make them happy?

What a pleasent surprise. Candy for everyone.

The old man dropped apple.

It's hard for him to pick them up.

You are closer to the ground.

Pick them up in no time.

Oh no hungry little kitten

Alone without his mom

Kittens love milk. Milk is the best treat for them.

Mom is very tired. I will help her wash her dishes.

It's was a big day. Many goodthing were done today.

Time to see how your star is doing.

There it is! Happy and shining brighter than the others.

Good night happy little star!



1. Enumerate everything that this kid does in the morning. 

2. Who drops the apple? What does the boy do? 

3. If you had your star, do you think it would be happy and shining brighter too? Explain your answer.

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