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 Frozen 2 Book
 이** (jean)



WARNING: FROZEN 2 SPOILERS! This Disney Frozen 2 Storybook is based on the upcoming Disney Movie – Frozen 2. Disney Frozen 2 opens a new chapter in the lives of Elsa, Anna and their friends. With beautiful illustrations from the new movie, this book is perfect for any Disney Frozen fan! 



Hi there! Welcome to stories read aloud. Today, I'm very excited to share with you one of the first Frozen Two story books that have just been released. This is a very simple book for kids called spirits of nature and we will be releasing the full frozen two story book in the next few days so be sure to hit that subscribe button and the notification bell.


They were once for spirits of nature the spirits have not been seen for many years. Elsa's power is growing she blasts her magic it wakes the spirits.

The trolls tell Elsa the spirits are upset. Elsa must face the spirits.

She will go to the enchanted forest.

Anna and Elsa go north. Their friends go to.

They find the enchanted forest behind a wall of mist.

The four spirits are wind, fire, water and earth.

The wind spirit is playful and friendly.

The fire spirit is small but mighty.

The wind spirits walls around the friends.

They fly into the air.

The fire spirit runs through the forest.

Elsa chases it's fire with her ice power.

Earth giants are big and powerful.

The water spirit is swift like a horse.

Earth giants sleep by the river.

Anna and Olaf float by they stay very quiet.

The water spirit swims in the dark sea.

Elsa meets the water spirit.

Elsa faced the spirits!

There will be peace throughout the land.


And that's the end of our story. Thanks for watching stories read aloud be sure to stay tuned for more frozen two books coming soon. 



1. Discuss who Elsa, Anna, and Olaf are. 

2. Enumerate those spirits Elsa needs to face to the enchanted forest.

3. What are the lessons one can learn from the animated film Frozen 2?

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