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 NOW | A wonderful children's story about Mindfulness and Being in the Present
 이** (jean)




We're always like thinking about the future. What tomorrow will bring and wanting things we haven't got but sometimes we need to look at the things we have right in front of us with gratitude. Sometimes what we have now is perfect. NOW is a story about a little girl who takes us on a tour through all of her favorite things, from the holes she digs to the hugs she gives, a wonderful book by author Antionette Portis. 




Narrator: Hi, everyone! Welcome to the storytime family we have here this book called now by Antoinette Portis, and it's a book about this little special girls favorite things. Let's find out what her favorite thinks are, shall we? And maybe later, you can tell us about your favorite things. Now, this is my favorite breeze. This is my favorite leaf. This is my favorite hole. This one! Because it's the one I am digging. This is my favorite mud, and this is my favorite worm. This is my favorite cloud because it's the one I'm watching. This is my favorite rain. That was my favorite boat. This is my favorite tree because it's the one where I'm swinging. This is my favorite smell. This is my favorite bird. And, this is my favorite song because it's the one I am singing. This is my favorite gulp. This is my favorite bite. This is my favorite tooth because it's the one that's missing. Do you have a missing tooth? Bet, you have a couple. This is my favorite hug, and this is my favorite moon. And, this is my favorite now because it's the one I am having, with you. The end! Now, can you tell me what this book is really about? Well, it's really very simple. It's about living in the now and enjoy every moment that you are experiencing, right? Now and especially when you're spending time with the people you love. So go ahead enjoy the moment you're doing. Enjoy everything that you're doing right now, and enjoy the people you love, and have around you. Give your mommy a big hug. Give you daddy a big hug. Tell them how much you love them. Hope you liked this story don't forget to leave us a comment, and tell us about your favorite things. Your favorite moments we'd love to hear from you. Give us a like and subscribe and don't forget to click on the notification bell for the next story. Keep reading and we'll see you back here soon to purchase this book the links are in the description below. Take care. bye-bye 




1. Tell us what this story is about. 

2. What are the girl's favorite things in life? 

3. Discuss your favorite things, and talk about how much you like them.

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