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 Michigan Waitress Gets $2,020 Tip In Honor Of New Year
 이** (jean)



Danielle Franzoni got a tip for $2,020 on a bill of just $23 — along with a note saying “Happy New Year 2020 Tip Challenge.” It was an emotional surprise for the single mom who is getting back on her feet after facing homelessness and addiction. 



Reporter: At the Thunder Bay River Restaurant in Alpena, Michigan, one waitress was served a surprise. Danielle: This doesn't happen yo somebody like me. Reporter: Danielle just finished serving a couple. The bill was $23, THE TIP 2020, $2020. The note on the receipt read, "Happy New Year, 2020 tip challenge." Danielle: I could feel myself get week in my knees because I thought it was a joke. Reporter: Franzoni's a single mom and recovering addict that was homeless just one year ago. Danielle: To know there's people out there that can look past that, and come and get me as a person and mom, my life is changing. Reporter: We've seen a few stories like this lately. Thanks to #TIPTHEBILLCHALLENGE encouraging diners to live 100% gratuity, others have gone higher. Georgia church group gave a server 1200 bucks. Waitress: Oh my God! Reporter: And in Winconshin, two waitresses split a $4,000 tip, the kind of money that makes a difference, just ask Danielle. Danielle: That changed my life, completely. Reporter: Joe Fryer, NBC News. 



1. Narrate the gift Danielle Franzoni recieved for the New Year. 

2. How can this challenge affect other people's lives?

3. If you could do any challenge, what would that be, and why?

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