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 Increase Of Respiratory Virus Putting Babies In The Hospital Across The Country
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A volcano in the Philippines has begun spewing lava, as authorities warn that a "hazardous eruption" is possible "within hours or days". In the early hours of Monday, a weak flow of lava began seeping out of Taal volcano - located some 70km (45 miles) south of the capital Manila. It comes after it emitted a huge plume of ash, triggering the mass evacuation of 8,000 people from the area. Taal is the Philippines' second most active volcano. 




The Taal volcano in the Philippines has thrown molten rock into the sky triggering official warning so the hazardous RUP ssin of toxic gas may be imminent well as to show you some sped up footage of the moments earlier when the plume of white smoke that several kilometres high was spewing up into the area's tremors shook the area a volcanic lightning storm developed in the column of steam and ash pretty sensational views there a state of calamity as it's been described has been declared across the province of Batangas just south of the capital Manila thousands of people have been evacuated from the area our correspondent Howard Johnson reports from the other scenes all volcano has now entered a magmatic eruptions phase last night it was a free attic phase where there was lots of steam and ash now there is lava flowing from the volcano a weak flow at the moment but that's causing this black smoke to billow out of the volcano and that's affecting the air quality around here lots of dust and ash in the air and that is affecting international airports in this area new clock City and Manila International Airport have had lots of flights canceled and suspended there is ash on the runway now if we look to my left here you can see ash all over the floor it's turned into a mud state in some places and on the road on the way up here we saw people clearing that mud from the road we also saw pineapple groves completely covered in a dust and that's no doubt can affect livelihoods in this area now the other major risk that the scientists are saying is that there could be a volcanic tsunami if you look over here you can see - all volcanoes surrounded by a lake now if there is a major eruption that could cause caused the earth to move which will displace water and so low-lying communities on the coastline here could be affected by a tidal wave if there is a major eruption Jobson reporting. 




1. Discuss your idea about the Taal Volcano. What happened to this said volcano recently? 

2. Why do you think volcanoes erupt?

3. What other natural disasters do you know? Make a list.

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