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 이** (jean)



Mr. Incredible was having a perfect day when a female customer came for a little hair trimming. Snip, snip, snip and there was a stubborn strand of hair which turned Mr. Incredible's perfect day into a doom. See how Mr. incredible worked to turn things around again and made lemonade when life had given him lemons. 



Everything was going perfectly well at Mr. Incredible's salon as he was about to start another day. He tidied the place up, chairs on perfect angle, brushes were clean and bottles were in place. A female customer came in buys talking on her phone. Mr. Incredible started to work his magic on the woman's hair. A few snips here and few snip there. Everything was going smoothly except for that one strand of stubborn hair. Mr. Incredible cannot forgive it. He tried snipping it but the woman kept moving his head. He waited for the perfect timing but the woman moved his head one more time and Mr. Incredible was startled to see the woman's pigtail fall on the floor right in front of him. He picked it up and tried to put it back but it just slipped and went back to the floor. He tried spraying it with water clipping it hair-ironing the bunch of hair but it just burnt. Oh, poor Mr. Incredible. Just as he was to lose all of his hope, he came up with a bright idea! He moved the other pigtail to the middle back and WHOALA! Problem solved! And his customer was happy and even gave him a tight hug before setting off. Mr. Incredible had a beautiful smile on his face.



1. Who is Mr. Incredible?

2. Tell us about the problem he had at the salon.

3. How did he solve it?

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