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  The Ballad of the Fricassee Fairy
 이** (jean)



It's a fairy's job to pick pears for the queendom, but the Fricassee Fairy decides she wants to keep some of the pears for herself. When her people start to go hungry, Queen Topstead tracks down the missing pears. The Fricassee Fairy must pay the price for her greed and dishonesty. 



This is the tale of the Fricassee Fairy who used to be stern, but certainly not scary. Trusted to gather the Queen's Golden Pears her, and twelve fairies did it with flare. They gathered by moonlight, picking and picking arms growing tired, all baskets brimming. But now came the hard part, for each night they'd sneak to the villagers' houses, and then take a peek. If they all were asleep, and the coast was all clear, they would leave them a treasure, a gift that was dear. And so this went on, night after night, day after day, year after year. 'Till one morning the Fricassee Fairy woke up simply grumpy. She looked in the mirror and said, "my you look frumpy! Your eyelashes don't curl, and your hair is a mess. You really should go out and buy a new dress! But how shall I do this, I work for the Queen. The riches I gather, aren't mine it would seem." So she thought and she thought, and she pondered and pondered. "Why shouldn't I be rich like those people," she wondered. True, she had what she needed, but she still wanted more. "I'll just take one pear, maybe three... maybe four." That is when things took a turn for the worse, For each night, she smuggled a pear in her purse. The shortage of pears left some without means. They couldn't afford even a bucket of beans. This... did not go unnoticed... "What?" Screamed Queen Topstead, red like a beet "Some people go hungry, they cannot eat? Bring me my fairies, all thirteen! I'll get to the bottom, for I am the Queen!" Shaking like leaves, the fairies assembled worried the culprit, they might just resemble. All but the Fricassee Fairy who said "I don't see what the fuss is, I'm going to bed." Her greedy heart was her undoing... As she slept the Queen grew furious. "Where are my pears? I'm... just... curious!" The Queen ordered a search from the top to the bottom. "And don't come back 'till you've got 'em!" The very last hut was the place they found all missing pears, right down to the pound. This was the hut of the Fricassee Fairy. Filled with great sadness, and even more sorrow, The Queen said to the fairy, "You must leave on the morrow." For what you have done to all of the poorest, you will now live alone... in the dark, dank Forbidden Forest." ... And so went the way of the Fricassee Fairy; who used to be stern ... but now is quite scary. 



1. Talk about the Fricassee Fairy and her tasks for the queendom. 

2. What did this said want to do with the pears? Discuss how the Queen solved the dilemma of her state.

3. Share the moral lesson you have learned from the story.

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