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 이** (jean)



Dominic Toretto and his family must face Dominic's younger brother Jakob, a deadly assassin, who is working with their old enemy Cipher. 



Dom: I used to live my life a quarter mile at a time, but things changed I am a father now. I will always be in your heart. Letty: Little Brian, I have a gift for you. Your daddy gave me this. Now, I'm gonna give it to you. It's very special. It's for protection from what's coming. Tej: All right down! What's next? Dom: No matter how fast you. Knowing are unsurpassed... and mine, just caught up to me. Jakob: There's a long time, Dom. Tej: So, we're up against a master thief, a fasten high-performance driver. Who is he? Letty: Dom! Jakob is Dom's brother. Cipher: Your whole life. You pushed yourself to be faster than Dom. Smarter than Dom. Stronger than Dom. But, could you kill him? Because I'm ready if you are. Magdalen: There is nothing more powerful than the love of family. You turn that into anger is nothing more dangerous. Ramon: Maybe this is the end but we won't go out together. Letty: You know I'd ride to the death with you Dom: Let's get to work. Tej: Please tell me that's not a Pontiac Fiero strapped to a rocket engine. Sean: Impressive! To Jun Wai: I no. Tej: that's... that's not impressive Ramon: My a*s is in flame now. Ah!!! Dom: I came here to take you down, little brother. Jakob: that's your mistake. This is my world. Tej: Damn! They got a magnet plane. Dom: Hold on. Letty: Tell me you're not thinking what I think you're thinking. There's no bridge Tej: Oh hell nah Letty: Hey guys, surprise! Han: Nice Clubhouse. 



1. Briefly discuss what this Fast and Furious 9 is all about. 

2. Who is Jakob? Talk about his role in the upcoming movie. 

3. Do you have any sibling rivalry? What annoys you most about your siblings?

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