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 The Little Mermaid
 이** (jean)



The little mermaid fairy tales which form a good bedtime stories for kids. 



The Little Mermaid. One quiet day deep, deep inside the big blue ocean a Littl Mermaid Wilma with a big smile on her face it was her 15th birthday and that was a big deal for she was to swim out to the surface for the very first time she rushed up and took her first deep breath of air she felt a Sun and the boats and one very handsome human but all of a sudden the waves grew bigger and tipped it over Oh No scream the Little Mermaid as she swam towards him she dragged him onto the shore and quickly swam back under water but she wished she could stay for she had just fallen in love she thought of him all the time and had to see him again so the next day she swam straight to the sea witch's door can you give me legs she begged as the sea witch laughed she handed her a potion but not before telling her the price you give me your voice and your mermaid soul she said but worry not you'll get a human one as soon as you marry your one true love it sounded so dangerous but the little mermaid didn't care she drank up the potion and the very next morning she woke up on land with legs she slowly started walking and soon birth to dance the human saw her beautiful dancing and came to her right away as they danced he told her he was in love with a girl who saved his life she wanted to scream that was me but she couldn't without a voice she lost her loved one and her soul she sat by the seat and cried a sea snail swam by and told her however that there was still time kill the human and you'll get your soul back it whispered but the little mermaid knew she wasn't going to kill anyone your heart might be broken but it's still good the snail went on you can become a spirit of airs daughter if you'd want what could she do she agreed dad she was lifted to the skies she watched over her loved one and kept him safe and that made her smile 



1. What is today's story about?

2. Discuss what mermaids are and describe them in detail.

3. What moral can you get from the story?

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