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  Turkey-Syria conflict in Idlib escalates | DW News
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Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan says the Turkish military has 'neutralized' dozens of Syrian government troops in retaliation for an attack on Turkish forces in Syria. 




Turkey's president red pepper 1 says the Turkish military has quote neutralized dozens of Syrian government troops in retaliation for an attack on Turkish forces in Syria now it comes after a Syrian attack killed four Turkish soldiers in Italy province a Syrian war monitor says at least 13 Syrian troops were killed by Turkey's retaliatory attacks Turkey has had military observation posts in rebel-held adlib since 2017 and they were set up under an agreement with Russia and Iran well president air Dewan described the syrian attack on turkish forces as vile and he said Syria's ally Russia had been told that Ankara would not stand to be prevented from responding to Syrian assaults how do I meet you the operation is underway at the moment around 40 points are now the constant targets of our operation according to initial indicators on the other side have been neutralized the operation is not yet over for more on the story we can speak to our correspondent in Istanbul Dorian Jones hi Dorian what more can you tell us about this clash between Turkish and Syrian forces well that's right this major retaliation by Turkish forces followed the killing of four Turkish soldiers and the injuring of several others it is an ongoing operation around 40 targets are being targeted by according to president Erdogan heavy artillery and f-16 fighter jets and it's an operation that is still continuing now this confrontation has been a growing fear in the region following this ongoing offensive by Syrian regime forces in Italy which is the last bastion stronghold of the rebel forces around 3 million people are believed to be trapped there and as this ongoing offensive has been going in spite warnings by Ankara the fear of a conference between two neighboring countries over the Syrian civil war is now a growing concern especially as his operation does appear to be still ongoing during we also heard president Erewhon warning Russia to essentially stand aside here what is the risk of escalation well it does appear at the moment the Moscow does try to be kind to contain this now Moscow is the key backer of Damascus its Jets have been supporting this ongoing offensive in adlib but the same time it does have good relations with Ankara Moscow has said that it's tonight the president's claims of using Turkish jets in this offensive it says Syrian airspace is still under the control of Russian forces on top of that it blamed Ankara saying that these Turkish soldiers were killed because they didn't fail to notify Syrian forces of their movement that is denied by Ankara and I think that also crucially Moscow hasn't condemned this operation so far and I think behind the scenes they are trying to contain it we understand both sides do admit that Turkish and Russian our generals and military are having talks what those talks are it's unclear but Moscow realizes that they need to avoid a confrontation between Turkish and Syrian forces Moscow and Ankara have been cooperating and that cooperation followed the downing of a Russian jet by Turkish jets in 2015 both sides realize they need to work together to contain the Syrian civil war but as the endgame does appear to be approaching in Syria that balancing out for Moscow is proving increasingly difficult GW story and Jones reporting from Istanbul Dorian good to talk to you 




1. What is Turkey's involvement in Syria war? 

2. Why is Turkey against Syria? What does it gain with Syria going down?

3. State your opinion regarding the dispute between Turkey and Syria.

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