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 이** (jean)



During the American Revolution, a group of Rebels, hiding beneath the future Keyhouse, discover a portal to another dimension,



Nina: Hey, check it out. We're here. Sam: Welcome to key house! Mother: I could never get your father. We talked about his life here. My kids need a home. Sam: Does it have to be this home? Bode: Hello? Are you my echo? Dodge: Yes! Camps is filled with amazing keys. Listen through them. They whisper. Kinsey: You heard that? Bode? Holy crap. Because I knew this possible. Tayler: This isn't a game. We don't know what these keys unlock. Dodge: You woke me up. You have no idea what's coming. Tayler: There is a crazy evil thing who wants these keys. Bode! These aren't toys they're weapons. Kinsey: These caves... there are legacy. There's something I can access with dad. Rendell: The past is always with us. You're gonna try it on way. It's always there. Whatever you think you understand about those keys you don't. 



1. What comes to mind when you hear the word "keys?" 

2. Discuss your opinion regarding today's movie. 

3. Do you believe that houses can be unearthly? Why or why not?

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