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 Snow White A Big Surprise
 이** (jean)



The dwarfs are confused when they come home to find their cottage very different than how they left it. With the floors swept, a homemade meal cooked, and beds all tidied up . . . the dwarves try to guess who could've done it 



Hi boys and girls! My name's Bec and welcome to stories read aloud today. We've got a Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs story it's called a big surprise Snow White and her prince had recently been married and they were living happily at the castle they're Seven Dwarfs miss Snow White but she made sure to visit them often one spring day Snow White went to the dwarfs cottage the dwarfs were not expecting her but the princess had a very special surprise planned for them Snow White knew the dwarfs worked hard that day she wanted to make sure that when they got home they didn't have to do any more work no dusting no sweeping and no cooking. Snow White waited until the dwarfs had left then she and her animal friends hurried into the cottage the princess looked around by the time the dwarfs get home our surprise will be ready so they set to work Snow White sang a cheerful song as she swept the cottage floor the birds chirped while they picked up crumbs the squirrels used their fluffy tails to dust and the chipmunks and deer washed and dried the breakfast dishes with so many helpers Snow White had the downstairs gleaming in no time next they went upstairs and the princess began to make the beds pull the covers up tight she told the bunnies then fold down the top there it's perfect the bunnies hopped off to start on the other beds before long every inch of the dwarfs cottage was neat and tidy Snow White and the animals headed outside to gather fresh berries nuts and apples to use in the dwarfs supper they'll be very hungry after their long day said the princess luckily the blueberry bushes had lots of ripe fruit and the basket was quickly filled I know what we'll make for dessert Snow White told the rabbits blueberry pie next the princess and her friends strolled into a meadow to find some wildflowers lovely said Snow White as she sniffed a blossom these will be perfect for the table back inside the cottage Snow White and her friends got to work fixing Supper there was soup to be symud bread to be made and pie to be baked before she knew it the late afternoon Sun was casting long shadows across the window panes tweet-tweet chirp-chirp a bluebird was singing outside the window that was the signal to tell snow white that the dwarfs were almost home Snow White and the animals hurried outside and hid she couldn't wait to see what the dwarfs thought of their surprise she peeked in through a window when they got inside the dwarf stopped instead they could not believe their eyes the floors were swept the room was tidy and there was even a freshly baked pie cooling on a windowsill what is that delicious smell doc wondered look cried grumpy he pointed to the table which had been set then he went to the pot of soup someone's been in our house the dwarfs were confused they tried to guess which dwarf had done all of this doc noticed that happy smile was especially big was he keeping a secret dopey pointed out that sneezy seems super sneezy maybe because he had dusted and swapped the cottage snow white gold as she listened outside the window they'll never guess that we did it she whispered to her animal friends when the dwarf started to eat their pie Snow White quietly headed home inside the cottage bashful had one more guests whoever was behind the surprise would have to be one tired dwarf and who seemed the sleepiest why sleepy of course the truth was sleepy wasn't the only one after a long work day their tummies pleasantly full all Seven Dwarfs were ready for bed when they climbed the stairs the dwarfs found one last treat seven neatly made beds and seven perfectly fluffed pillows as they drifted off to sleep the dwarfs decided to tell their good friend Snow White about this wonderful surprise the very next time they saw her and at the end of our story if you'd like to become of the stories read aloud community be sure to hit that subscribe button and thanks for watching. 



1. Who is Snow White? How about the dwarfts?

2. Discuss the surprise Snow White does for dwarfts. 

3. If it were you to surprise any person, who he or she would be? Why?

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