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 Why Is The Sky Blue?
 이** (jean)



In this video we will explain 'Why Is The Sky Blue?', everyday when we look at the sky, the color we see is Blue. However what if we tell you that the color of sky is not BLUE! 



Hey, friends! I'm sure if anyone would ask you, "what's the color of the sky?" your instant answer will be, "it's blue." But! What if I tell you that's not true. Yes, but then why does it appear so blue? Let's find out in Peekaboo Shots. So, it all starts with the sunlight traveling in a straight line towards the surface of the Earth, until it collides on a certain object, resulting in either reflection, scattering, or bending like a prism, This light may appear white in color, but, the fact is it's made of seven colors of the rainbow. Don't you believe me? Well, you can see that yourself for the help of a prism. Just take a prism and hold it near the sunrays, allowing the light to pass through it. Once the light passes, you could see it getting bent into seven different rainbow colors, namely violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. Just like that when the white light from the Sun enters Earth's atmosphere, most of the red, yellow, and green wavelengths of light pass straight through the atmosphere to our eyes. Whereas, the blue and violet wave hits and bounces off the molecules of gas in the atmosphere. This separates the blue and the violet waves fill the rest and makes them scatter in every direction. However, the other color wavelengths pull themselves together as a group and therefore they remain white, resulting in the scattered violet and blue light controlling the sky appearance and making it appear blue. But, now you might be wondering if blue and violet both reacts the same way, why don't we see the violet sky, as well? Well, that's because some of the violet light is absorbed by the upper atmosphere, while another reason for it is that our eyes are most sensitive to adapt to the color blue than violet. And hence, you have your answer why the sky is blue. 



1. As per the video, why does the sky appear blue?

2. What do you think of when you look at the sky for a long time? 

3. Do you like to watch the sky? Why or why not?

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