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 Bodied - Official Trailer - Produced by Eminem.
 이** (jean)



Words are weapons in the world’s most brutal lyrical sport. 



Alright what's up? 

This is the Killerfornia Battle League and I be's your host Donnie Narco. 

AKA The Walking Drug Lab. AKA Mr. 

Splash put my drink on your bitch's ass and 

won't even tip the glass. You feel me? Battle rap is a street fight... 

you got someone right in your face trying to tear you apart.

I don't know if I should slap you like a bitch or punch your face like a man. 

Cuz I keep switching from open palm to a fist... like a white boy...

shaking your hand. Actual Gs, you ain't kill none. 

So shut the f*** up and chill son. Just cuz you look like Kim Jong-un...

doesn't mean your ill son. - 

You have some creative Asian jokes. - Y-you think? 

At least you knew I was Korean. Far as I'm concerned, 

that's culturally sensitive by battle rap standards. Adam, 

you out there killin' it huh? That audience reaction, it's like..

heroin.So...What do you do? I mean besides appropriate black 

culture for your livelihood. Oh. She bodied you- Not tonight Satan. 

Whenever I battle I'm gonna get the bitch bars and you 

gonna get the Asian bars... cuz that's what the audience wants to hear.

Intolerance will not be tolerated! Delete your account. 

Ho ho ho what you gonna do? You ready for this? 

You're crunchy granola... I can tell by your pungent aroma.

We got bitches, blunts, pregnant prostitutes. 

This bitch got a wider gap than the income between white and black. 

Are you trying to satirize? If I did then would you be... satisfied? 

Stop rhyming you little- When I'm done with this soft white rapper... 

he'll be online after... typing... All lives matter. Haha! White people!

That's why I watch rap battles. You bodied his entire family.

Look: Front, back, front , salute. Got it? Got it. Aight, that was great.



1. Narrate what this movie about. 

2. What comes to mind when you hear the word rapping? 

3. In your pint of view, who do you think the best rapper is? Why do you think so?

2020-04-29 오후 12:42:32
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