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 Las Vegas mayor wants city reopened
 이** (jean)



Amid harsh criticism, Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman called 

for reopening the city on CNN on Wednesday.



Jaclyn Schultz: Goodman has been insisting for weeks and speaking out 

she says cases have been low, Nevada should reopen,

what's getting talked about nationwide is especially with her interview 

with Anderson Cooper as he's pressing her how that 

would and could happen safely. 

Carolyn Goodman: You're talking disease.

I'm talking life. I'm talking life and living. 

These are people who have had sterlings. 

Anderson Cooper: Well that makes no sense. 

Goodman: Maybe it doesn't to you. I does to us here in Las Vegas.

They've had to release all these workers that have no other source 

of ibcome to feed their children. And they're also having to make a 

way to go ahead and help support the city.. 

Schultz: For two days mayor Carolyn Goodman has gone on the

National Circuit's calling for Nevada to reopen. 

The most most fiery interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN. 

Goodman: 2.3 million people in Southern Nevada and we've had a 

154 deaths. Cooper: 163 I have is the list of number actually but..

Goodman: Wrong! That's for Nevada. 

That's Nevada and this is around here 150 by 2.3 million. 

Cooper: So you have most death by the way in Nevada. 

You've have in Las Vegas. So, you got 150 death and 163 death in Nevada. 

Goodman: Correct! Cooper: Isn't that because of social distancing that 

you would have had far more without it? Do you not believe that? 

Goodman: It's 2.3 million here, there 2.3 million to overall in the state the numbers

may be off but I know we're well over. Cooper: Do you not believe that social

distancing has helped keep people alive?

Goodman: We're at the lion's share of the population and the jobs when you

have 2.3 million and you have lost and everyone of those 150. 

Oh my gosh it would be your own mother, your grandmother, 

your grandfather, your brother, your sister. Anybody.

Everyone of those lives is a tragic loss but when you around 150 versus 2.3 million,

you have to say, we have to open up. We have to go back. Our bus drivers... 

Schultz: Mayor Goodman in an interview with me and others argues the number 

of deaths and cases in Nevada are relatively low. And while there is no vaccine,

she says Vegas nor the country cannot stay closed. 

Though Dr. Anthony Fauci of the White House coronavirus 

Task Force says easing restrictions is on the horizon. 

Goodman: So taking that into consideration and that we have once you're diagnosed 

that you're positive. We have no preventive treatment other than staying 

away from everybody which is your choice to do and has been asked by 

our governor and everybody's doing. But with no timeline, no treatment and no cure,

no vaccine, this could go on for months.. 

Schultz: Governor Steve Sisolak also gave me a response in the mayor's statement,

take a listen. Governor Sisolak : It's my job to represent the whole state in Clark County 

and I cared tremendously about all of our Nevadans and all our visitors.

But,I don't think it's reasonable that a person should have to choose between 

getting a paycheck and keeping their job. Schultz: And Clark County commissioners 

have had very, very harsh criticism about the statements. 

Here is commissioners Michael Naft. Michael Naft:My neighbors, my family,

my friends' gonna be the testing ground for the nation. 

We're going to be the control group. I'd strongly disagree with that,

I'd ask them there to reconsider to listen to the experts. 



1. Depict the main point of Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman from the

    interview with Anderson Cooper. 

2. What's the governor's respond to the Mayor's statement? 

3. How did Commissioner Michael Naft criticize the statement?

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