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 이** (jean)



Time to end the day with a sweet and snuggly bedtime board book perfect

for preparing little ones for a cozy night’s sleep. 

Don't forget to say good night to all the adorable sleepyheads. 



Greetings, boys and girls! Welcome to the storytime family.

I hope you've been good. 

Today We have sleepyheads by Sandra J Howard. Illustrated by Joyce One.

Let's get started! Sleepyheads. See the moon?

It's sleepy time. Let's look for a little beds and find 

where all the little ones lay their sleepy heads. 

Look! I see a sleepyhead cuddle in a nest.

I see another sleepyhead who thinks a hole is best. 

Oh, it's so cute! Look at that.

Look! I see a sleepyhead nestled in a cave.

I see another sleepyhead rocking on a wave.

Look! I see a sleepyhead snuggled in the reeds.

I see another sleepyhead resting in the weeds. 

Look! I see a sleepyhead burrowed in the hay. 

This one's not a sleepyhead this one slept all day.

See the house? Let's peek inside. 

Let's look for a little bit and find where all the little ones lay their sleepy heads.

Look! I see a sleepyhead beside the fireplace.

I see another sleepy head curled tight in its dark space.

Look! I see a teddy bear, a pillow, and a bed. I see a blanket,

soft and warm but where's the sleepyhead? 

We found all the little ones in trees, homes, in caves. 

We found all the sleepyheads in weeds and reeds on waves. 

We found all but one small one in houses and in barns.

Where is that little sleepyhead? Asleep in Mama's arms. 

Are you all toasty and cozy in your bed? 

Well, our usual sleepyhead I think. So, hope you like sleepyheads. 

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You take care now. We'll see you back soon. Bye-bye!



1. Explain what a sleepyhead is.

2. Enumerate different sleepyheads in the story. Where did she find each of them? 

3. Are you a sleepy head? Why or why not?

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