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 Children may show COVID-19 symptoms on their feet
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Pediatricians are being warned to look out for an unusual COVID-19 symptom 

observed in children, purple swollen toes.



Reporter: Most people don't like showing off their feet. 

But, Sadie Dowhan knew something was off. 

Sadie: They are very itchy, almost like bug bites. 

Reporters: Doctors in the U.S. and Canada were recently sent an alert. 

Look out for cases of kids with purple, swollen toes. 

Dr. Hepburn: Sometimes they're hot and painful. 

Sometimes the children are otherwise well. 

Reporter: The condition has been dubbed COVID-toes.

And doctors are being told to test patients for the virus.

Dr. Hepburn: The skin findings themselves are a self-resolving 

phenomenon and shouldn’t be a cause for concern. 

But it is important that physicians be aware that this may be a sign of COVID-19.

Reporter: Children pick up plenty of germs. The coronavirus is no exception. 

But in some ways, this virus is different. 


Dr. Kulik: COVID is acting differently than most other typical illnesses such 

as influenza.It hasn't really been making children very sick.

Reporter: Chinese researchers found about 6% of children infected with COVID-19 

became severely or critically ill. In adults, it's nearly 20 percent.

Doctors aren't sure why but many suspect children might have 

a different immune response. 

Dr. Kulik: With this virus being novel, the novel coronavirus 

we're learning new things every single day. 

Reporter: In an effort to get ahead of this disease, pediatricians are sharing

information globally. Including reports of a rare but severe inflammatory 

disease that's apparently being seen in some children in Europe. 

But Canadian doctors say those reports are unconfirmed.


Dr. Pernica: We don't know how many cases there are. 

We don't know if it's really an increase from what you would expect 

and we certainly don't know if it's linked to COVID.

Reporter: In serious cases of COVID-19, doctors say children do have

the same symptoms as adults. If a child has a high-fever,

coughing and trouble breathing, they should be rushed to emergency.

News Anchor: OK, so we have Dr. Dina Kulik joining us just to chat 

a little bit more about this. And Dr. Kulik, how compelling is the evidence 

of a link between COVID-19 and COVID toes?


Dr. Kulik: There certainly a link, We're seeing more and more cases being

reported around the world. Some people have confirmed COVID infection. 

Other people are still waiting for test results. But around the world we're seeing 

some kids with this rash and COVID infection. 

News Anchor: And so given then that, what would you advise to parents 

who is they see COVID toes or something similar and see no other symptoms 

what ought they to do?

Dr. Kulik: So in this case, because of this different kind of rash, 

we are actually recommending that these kids get tested for COVID. 

Many other symptoms, like coughing or runny nose or fever or vomiting 

most of us are saying, stay home, stay away from people 

that are higher risk of sever COVID infection. Like the elderly or people 

with chronic health concerns.But because we're monitoring this rash so 

carefully we're actually suggesting to families that if your child has this rash 

even if otherwise they're asymptomatic and well,

they should actually be tested for COVID. 

News Anchor: Okay, 

Dr. Kulik. Thanks for your time. Dr. Kulik: You're welcome.



1. What do doctors warn parents for an unusual COVID-19 

    symptom observed in children? 

2. According to the researchers, what's the percentage of children  

    get infected by the corona virus? 

3. As per Dr. Kulik, how compelling is the evidence of a link between COVID-19  

    and COVID toes? What's her advice to do if parents see this symptom?

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