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 The Teeth Song (Memorize Every Tooth)
 이** (jean)



A brush your teeth song with science to help you memorize every tooth! 



This video is sponsored by Sensodyne and now ASAP science presents 

the teeth saw their needs calcified twisted keys curl and root in sections 

they are grouped it scissors chopped and they cut for you k nightstand 

substance in your body making structure further down Mt Shu ginger 

furor gum act like them all combined for you to masticate as omnivores 

are tightest mixed eat organisms getafix it's what makes us heterotrophs 

so our teeth are multi-purpose see the needs pacify twisted ease crown 

and root in sections they are grouped incisors chopped and they cut for you

canine tab ended to bicuspids crush the food all those right up Bert Macklin 

and lower mandible opposite ethically to brushing teeth prevents cavities 

breaking plaque formation fluoride helps to build speed mammal through a process 

suffering mineralization there Mozart defiant two sets of teeth are designed from 

primary or baby to permanent for yours over shorty

that was regular in between and they'll stay healthy now if you just keep a regular

teeth are great to empty up your plate but unchecked things can become a mess

if you do not clean your teeth bacteria will increase creating plaque and acid tooth 

decay can be rapid demineralization and some painful sensations exposing 

nerves in Denton while toxins start infecting in framing up gum disease and to 

sensitivity without good oral hygiene bacteria reign supreme this is Phi B brush 

our teeth twice a to keep gingivitis and diseases all authority there need Elsa

fighters to each crown and root let's name those groups first we have central 

and lateral incisors canines are the longest you consider transition no first and in 

Boulder's so-called bicuspid by the scholars the first incentives all those 

have the back rind and thank you all for listening and watching we want to send 

a huge thank you to Sensodyne for sponsoring this video and allowing us to 

continue making fun educational science videos they recently released a new 

product called Sensodyne sensitivity and gum which is a dual action toothpaste 

that relieves sensitivity but also improves gum health

I along with 40% of people experience sensitive teeth most of the time when

I'm eating something very cold or very hot I've shown in this song when tooth 

enamel wears away over time especially over long periods of time it 

can expose a soft inner part of your tooth called dentin this dentin has thousands 

of microscopic channels that are running towards the nerves in the tooth Center 

certain triggers can actually travel through these channels and stimulate the nerve 

causing that short sharp pain that we know as tooth sensitivity since the 9 sensitivity

in gum not only builds a protective barrier over the sensitive areas but it also targets 

and removes plaque which helps swollen or bleeding gums oftentimes gum problems 

are associated with sensitivities so for people who experience both it's a great 

product sponsors like this allow us to keep making content and sharing science 

and education with people around the world so we are very thankful to 

Sensodyne go check them out I mean

I personally use Sensodyne every single day I relieve links in the description below

thanks again for watching and singing along send this video to ask I know the videos

of you singing in learning about your teeth and we'll see you next time for another

science video TV. 



1. What do you do to look after your teeth?

2. Have you ever had a really bad toothache? What happened? 

3. How often do you visit your dentist? How improtant is it?

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