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 The Good Egg by Jory John -Read Aloud by krowe4kids.
 이** (jean)



The good egg gets tired of being surrounded by bad eggs so he decides 

to take some time to himself. When he begins missing the rest of the carton,

he realizes, it may not always be easy being the good egg but it's worth it.



The Good Egg by George On. 

Oh hello, I was just rescuing this cat no why because I'm a good egg a very good egg

it's true I do all kinds of good things like I'll carry your groceries I'll Water your plants 

I'll change your tires I'll paint your house if you need any help whatsoever

I'm your egg I've always been a good egg it's been this way from the start

even in my earliest days back at the store there were a dozen of us living 

together under one recycled roof there was meg and PEG and Greg and Clegg and 

show and Shelley and Sheldon and Shelby and Egbert and Frank and other 

Frank the other 11 eggs weren't on their best behavior they weren't exactly 

good they ignored their bedtime say only ate sugary cereal they threw tantrums

they cried for no reason they broke their stuff on purpose meanwhile I tried to  

take charge I tried to fix their bad behavior I tried to keep the peace because

I was a good egg a very good egg nobody seemed to care though every night

I was exhausted my head felt scrambled then one fateful morning I noticed 

some cracks in my shell they were everywhere my doctor said it was from 

all the pressure I was putting on myself the pressure of making sure everybody 

was as good as me I was cracking up literally something had to change I'd had 

enough I told meg and PEG and Greg and Clegg and shell and Shelley and Sheldon 

and Shelby and eggbert and Frank and other Frank that I was leaving I can't be 

the only good egg in a bad carton I said blah blah blah they replied I left that night

I wandered from town to town the hours became days the day's became weeks 

I lost track of time I was alone out there on the road under the stars I really tried 

to focus on myself and what I needed I took walks I read books I floated in the

river I wrote in my journal I found simple moments to be quiet I breezed in I breezed 

out I even started painting for once I found time for me and guess what little by 

little the cracks in my shell started to heal my head no longer felt scrambled

I started to feel like myself again so I've made a big decision I'm returning to my

old carton and my friends besides I'm kind of lonely out here this time I know what

I need to do I'll try not to worry so much I'll be good to my fellow eggs while also

being good to myself here we go everybody missed me I miss them too hello 

Meg howdy peg hey Greg greetings click what's up shale Aloha Shelly.

Hey yo Sheldon hi Shelby the day Eggbert what's happening Frank howdy do other 

Frank sure every once in a while somebody steal a little bit bad but it's not like before

here's what I realized the other eggs aren't perfect and I don't have to be either

I'm ok with that. Yep, the old carton is back together we're a solid dozen again

it's good to be home. Thank you for reading with me please like the video and 

subscribe to crow for kids 



1. Briefly narrate what the story is all about.

2. What does the main character realize when he begins missing the rest of the carton? 

3. In your point of view, is it really worth to be good? Why or why not?

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