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 이** (jean)



A royal woman living in rural Austria during the 18th century is forced to 

choose between her own personal happiness and the future of Russia,

when she marries an Emperor. 



Because to my new wife the Empress of Russia. It is now. 

You don't talk my love. Oh of course, must be an enormous responsibility 

and honor to lead a country of such input. It's actually not that hard 

I'm happy to hear anyone's problems with me. Don't worry about the bodies,

I would like to be useful to Russia to help its greatness. Kill them is. 

There is no higher use rabbit these sticks are to enhance your fertility cannot 

work out whether we wave them over your room or insert them into 

you we're pretty sure it's a wave limb situation together We could create 

greater Russia. Wellb I will. You sir, your bride is unhappy. 

You must clear the clouds. We should find you a lot. Marvis, 

I'd like to be alone now.You should create the day together with sunny 

dispositions fearless Hut's.We shall discuss whether or not to kill the Empress. 

She is a strange creature who I sense is at times laughing at me. Empress,

there are unhappy been here looking for a leader. If the Emperor dies, 

Russia goes to the Empress. Russia must be saved and I with it.

I don't want to kill you. You're not a bad person. I could kill you. 

You are a bad person. You're funny. Treason is what we're discussing here.

It's a dangerous game out worry. All is bliss in the court of Catherine the Great.

Sure, do you mean Touche? This is science enjoy, you. 



1. Tell us about the main character. 

2. What does the royal woman need to choose between? 

3. If it were you, what whould you choose, 

   your happiness or the future of your country? Why?

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