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 Man hit and killed by plane on Austin, Texas, runway
 이** (jean)



Texas police and the FAA are investigating a security breach after 

a man who was not an airport employee was hit and killed by a plane 

on the runway at the Austin airport. 



Pilot: Tower, Southwest 1392, we believe there might be a person on the runway. 

Tower: Southwest 1392, where exactly do you see the man?

Reporter: As a flight coming in from Dalas, thursday night. 

Austin-Travis County EMS: Can we confirm that this is going to be an obvious 

DOS (Death in scene)?

Reporter: Chaos and sued.

Pilot: Well, they, uh, they're behind us, they're behind us now. 

Tower: Southwest 1392, Roger. So, you saw them just as you touched down?

Pilot: Affirm.

Reporter: APD and the FAA are continue their investigation on Friday, 

after a man was hit and killed by a plane on the Austin-Bergstrom 

International Airport runway. CBS abtaintain this picture showing clear 

and visible damage to the left engine of the plane. This now is being 

investigated as a security breach since airport officials confirmed that the 

victim is not an employee. According to Southwest airlines, they're pilot

manuvered the plane to avoid the man and there's no on board injuries. 

Radio communications between the pilot and tower suggest neigther knew 

for sure if the plane hit the victim. 

Tower: Off 200 ground, did you copy the report that Southwest found 

somebody on the runway? Southwest has parked on golf right now. 

They're just holding position. When they touched down on runway 1-7 right,

they spotted somebody on foot on the runway out there.

Reporter: Airport official confirmed this is the first time they've ever had a security

breach on the runway. 

Tower: I haven't heard anything yet. They're checking the runways right now.

I know we just closed down the runway,

but I'm not positive that anything was found on it. 



1. Report the security breach happened in Austin-Bergstrom International Airport runway.

2. How did the pilot try to avoid hitting the man? 

3. Describe the picture of the plane, CBS has shown. How bad was the damage?

2020-05-15 오후 2:24:47
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