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 이** (jean)



A NASA scientist becomes obsessed with finding proof of extraterrestrials 

after a close encounter.



What you feel that what's your name? Isaac Cyprus. 

Oh Isaac, can you tell us what happened ? 

That afternoon, a meteorite with smoke trailing behind it up here and over

the skies of Los Angeles yesterday. Isaac well, you've been you got a minute.

I want to show you something. You're saying this real. Are you okay?

You leave me right. We're a bit for the last few days yesterday. 

Yeah, yesterday day before and not making this up. 

This really happened to me, okay. You look out for work all week? 

Did you have an encounter the next return will be? 

How does it feel knowing that people are saying that you're a fish?

We have detained you against your will because we believe you have

information that may be valuable to the future of our society when it come

to get one chance. You think that we were exposed to something that 

could have changed. We have to be there when they come. That's a bad idea.

That's way too dangerous. Do we really have another choice?

I remember what it was like and I'm not going through that again.

How did you take us? 



1. Briefly discuss the movie.

2. Do you think there are aliens somewhere in the universe? Why or why nt? 

3. If the secret service discovered an alien, do you think they would tell the 

    general public? Explain further.

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