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 Daddy Long Legs
 이** (jean)


How far do you think your daddy would go to keep you safe?

Would he jump over volcanoes? Would he ride a polar bear to be with you?

Well Matty wasn't too sure how far his daddy would go so let's find out exactly

how far his daddy would REALLY go. 



Hi, boys and girls! Welcome to the story time family. How are you today? 

Did you have a good day? Would you like to join us for a book?

Oh! come on in today, we have daddy long legs. Can you guess what this book

is about? It's about the very special person in your life, your daddy.

They're so special because they are always working so hard behind the scenes 

to make sure you live a comfortable life. To make sure you have everything 

you need. Daddies deserve more credit than we give them honestly.

So,make sure you give your daddy big, big hug when you see him and tell him 

how much you love him. Well let's get started on this story daddy longlegs one

morning the old green car had a lot of trouble starting it had the hiccups at last it

got going and daddy drove Maddie to nursery see you later he said giving Maddie

a big kiss goodbye but Maddie was worried what if the car doesn't start again he

said you won't be able to pick me up Maddie's dad thought for a bit hmm then 

he said if the car doesn't start then I will borrow the neighbours big red tractor 

and drive it over the fields to fetch him but what if the big red tractor is too tired 

ask Manny then I will whistle to Martin you're a lazy old teddy bear his dad said he 

will lift me up with this giant paws and carry me to you on his back wow what an 

incredible bear I wish I had one of these but what if Martin is fast asleep and 

doesn't hear you ask Betty then I will go and round up all the birds in the garden 

set is that they will take me by the arms and fly me to you but what if the birds 

are too busy looking after their babies then I will call the neighbor who waters his 

garden every day he will turn up his hose and make a stream and just like that

I will jump into the little boat and sail straight as Madi this boy Madi is full of 

questions is he just like you right then I will find the two rabbits who live at the 

end of the garden it ist hat I will put one under each foot and they will hop me to 

you huh who would have thought of that but what if the rabbits have gone to see

their granny then I will call the big green dragon who breathes into the heater to

keep us warm in winter said Maddy's dad and in two flaps of his wings and three

big leaps I will be right here with you but what if the big red dragon is out hunting

said Manny in a small voice ah said Manny's Dan well if the tractor is too tired 

and Martin is fast asleep and the birds are busy taking care of the babies and the 

neighbor doesn't want to waste water and the rabbits are with your granny and the

big dragon is out hunting well then I will simply take to my own two feet and run 

because my legs will never be too tired come and get me you know your daddy

would do everything to come getting you you would never leave you bond your 

own he will always come back yay and that was daddy longlegs how did you like 

that story it's pretty cool right you know your daddy will always love you so so much.

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description below. Take care now and thanks for dropping by. See you again soon 



1.Talk about Maddie’s father. How far does her daddy would go to keep her safe?

2.Can you describe your father in one word? Why that word?

3.What’s the best piece of advice your father has given you?

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