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 New purchases to get students ready for remote learning 
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GMA Digital family editor, Genevieve Shaw Brown, shares tips for the new

items on back-to-school lists in the age of coronavirus.



And, the new items on back to school lists. it's very complicated this year for

students and teachers in the age of coronavirus. Joining us now is Genevieve

Shawbrown GMA digital family editor and the author of the happiest mommy 

you know Genevieve always great to see you i want to jump right to it here.

So,the number of students that are going back to school, a lot of them doing 

this hybrid or blended learning some type of combo of at home and in person 

instruction. What kinds of items will students and teachers need inside the 

classroom? So, there's going to be extra distractions this year and masks will be

mandatory in many situations but it's hard enough for teachers to get students 

attentions without even having their face half covered up and that's why clear 

masks might be a good idea. Students can see a teacher's face their expressions

and vice versa for the teachers. And of course, you've got to have hand sanitizer

have your child pick a color or a smell that appeals to them. So, they're more likely

to use it and, for the teacher a wireless spike. It will help amplify their voice for the

kids who are learning from home. Yeah, it's interesting to think about that 

connection that a child and adult makes when you can actually see their mouth

moving when they speak. Let's talk about those alternate days or times when 

the kids are attending classes remotely. What do they need? They should 

definitely have a good pair of headphones. They have to be able to drown

out noise when they're working from communal spaces at home on the days

when they're not in the classroom.All right, Genevieve Shawbrown for us. 

Thank you so much. We appreciate it,well. Hey, there GMA fans! Robin

Roberts, here. Thanks for checking out our YouTune channel. Lots of great 

stuff here. So, go on click the subscribe button right over right over here to 

get more of awesome videos and content from GMA every day anytime we 

thank you for watching and we'll see you in the morning on GMA. 



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2.What do you think about the new invention? 

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