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 Project Power
 이** (jean)



On the streets of New Orleans, word begins to spread about a mysterious 

new pill that unlocks superpowers unique to each user.



Power, power speak a little louder. If there was a pill that could give you five 

minutes of pure power. I'm embedded with the power. Would you take it?

You don't know who I am or what I'm about. But I'll do anything to find that 

source. Listen to my voice. Am I lying? Welcome to Project Power.

Our goal is simple. The next evolution of the human species. 

You ever taken one of those before? They can make you strong. 

Make you invisible. You never know what your power is until you try it. 

You push that power, don't you? Yeah.On the streets, they're talking 

about superpowers, but they don't talk about how one hit could kill you.

What's the plan now? He took something for me.I gotta get it back.

Something? Or someone? This thing is tearing our city apart. 

Your kid has something to do with it? Where d'you think they got the

formula from? They have my daughter. Maybe we can work together

on this. What do you need? Still got the pills on you? It's about to get 

real noisy. So that's your power? 

First, we stabilize it. Then, we weaponize it. The power goes to where it 

always goes. To the people that already have it. They think they can just test 

their product on my city? Let'em see what happens. I thought we were like 

Batman and Robin. We're no Batman and Robin. That's a movie. This is real life.

We doing this. Tell me where my daughter is! Watch out! We're gonna end this.

Do you need anything else? No, I'm fine. Yes, you are.



1. Discuss the mysterious pill that begins to spread on the streets 

   of New Orleans.

2. If you had five minutes of superpower, would you take the pill? 

   Why or why not? 

3. What superpower would you like to have? Explain your answer.

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