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 People Are Receiving Mysterious Seeds in the Mail
 이** (jean)



Thousands of Americans are reporting that they’re receiving mysterious

packages in the mail. The packages, sent from China and central Asia,

are full of seeds. Thomas Hanley of Simi Valley, California says he was 

alarmed and threw the seeds out, and cleaned all the areas of his home

that might have come in contact with the seeds. Experts are warning 

people not to plant the seeds, as they may be an invasive species of plant. 



Reporter: So, what are these things? A prank, a scam, bioterrorism? 

Thomas Hanley of Simi Valley California, is one of thousands of americans

who received the packet of seeds in the mail from China and central Asia. 

How would you describe what it looked like? 

Thomas: They looked like just crumbled up seeds I guess I didn't know what 

they were. Reporter: alarmed he threw them out. 

Thomas: I was a little worried so I put on gloves took it out to the trash

cleaned up the areas in which I might have said it. 

Reporter: Shelly Duffy also received a mysterious package of seeds.

Shelly: I brought inside the house open it up and it didn't look like seeds 

it looked more like oregano or even you know some other herbs

Reporter: it's the same story for this Utah woman. 

Woman: We opened them up and they were seeds.

Reporter: So back to the original question, what are they?

Dr.Milton McGiffen: a wide range of species from flowers to some some

look like some crop plants that I know to some look like grasses.

Reporter: and these look just like sunflower seeds. Experts are warning

everyone not to plant them because they could be an invasive species

there are even warnings about touching them because we don't know how

they were grown. Nancy Hansen did plant some of those mystery seeds 

and lo and behold here's what bloomed. A plant. It’s a morning glory.

Nancy: It concerns me because some of the articles I read so they can poison

the soil up to three years. Reporter: Security experts also caution these seeds

could be a scam known as "brushing" a deceitful technique used to create

glowing online reviews of merchandise. 

David: Someone does not make an order and they get a bag full of goodies 

and they're from a company and they're so overwhelmed maybe they go online

they make a positive review and that pumps up the online presence of this of 

this fraudulent merchant. Reporter: In other words don't trust these seeds.



1. What mysterious packets do people across America receive? 

    Where are they from?

2. Depict what the experts warn about them?

3. According to David Katz, what does "brushing" mean?

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