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 Blue Miracle
 이** (jean)



The incredible true story of Casa Hogar, the Mexican boys home that entered

the world's biggest fishing tournament to save their orphanage. 



I'm Omar, but the boys call me Papa Omar. You could join us. Join you. Yeah. 

At Casa Hogar. I am not no orphan. I just mopped that floor. You can't expect 

street kids to learn manners overnight. You've had 20 years to learn, Omar.

All right. Listen up, guys. Attention. A storm is gonna reach the coast in a few

hours. The good news... after we get done eating, we can line sandbags to

protect from flooding. We're orphans, not idiots. maybe God just wanted to get

the unluckiest kids into one building so he could crush us all at once. Geco, 

enough. Hurricane Odile was the biggest torm we've seen in decades.

How much food do we have left? About a week. My name is Captain Wade 

Malloy, and I am the only two-time champion of bisbee's black and blue

tournament. World's biggest fishing tournament. Best teams compete for

millions in prizes. Sorry, but you don't qualify for this list. What if you team

me up with a local fisherman? Doesn't have to be anybody even good.

Doesn't even have to be a fisherman. What, them?mThose kids? 

Here's the deal. You are three of your least annoying orphans will be on my

boat for the competition. When I catch the winning fish, we'll split the earnings

Comprende? I know why my mom left me now. Oh, God. Here we go. So, 

I can help you win this tournament. Of course she did. Here we go! Yeah!

Fish on! We've never had a chance. But we still have to try. Whoa! 



1. Tell something about Casa Hogar. 

2. What is an orphan?

3. What do you think it is like to live in a orphanage?

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