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 How Do Bees Make Honey? - The Dr. Binocs Show
 이** (jean)



Honey! Who doesn't like it? Have you ever seen or learned the process of bees

making honey? Join Dr. Binocs as he explains the process of how bees make honey?



that was close hey friends I know you must be wondering why am i carrying this

small box so cautiously with care and precaution well in this box lies a bottle of 

sweet golden and natural honey and I need to deliver it to my aunt without wasting

a single drop of it I know I know you guys must be like what's the big deal in it well

friends we all know that honey bees make honey but do you know it takes a great

effort and hard work from bees to make the honey we enjoy if not then don't you 

worry friends today let us go into the buzzing world of these tiny chefs we call 

honey bees and learn the recipe for nature's sweetest dessert known as honey 

zoom in well friends honey a sugar which mainly constitutes of fructose and

glucose made by honey bees living in a large group called a colony this colony

lives in a hive and has thousands of female worker bees who make the honey 

first the worker bees who are also known as forager visit flowers containing sugar

water and then with the help of their holo straw-like Jung called proboscis they 

suck up the nectar from the flock and store it into its tummy while returning to

their bee hive digestive enzymes are already processing to turn that nectar into 

different parts of sugar like glucose and fructose once the Walker honeybee 

returns to the hive they vomit the nectar into a processor honeybees mouth 

I know it sounds yucky but please bear with me friends God is going to get 

yukia but anything for science and dessert go away go away kitty shoo shoo 

after breaking the nectar father the processor honeybee vomits the partially 

converted nectar into another processor beasts mouth this process goes on 

until most of the nectar turns into simple sugar then the bee bulls this watery 

honey mix from its tummy into its mouth and then Stowe's it into the honeycomb

but this dual nectar mix is still quite watery and gooey so to get rid of most of the

water the smart bees flap their wings which evaporate the water leaving the thick

mixture we know as honey trip we are time did you know that in its whole life a 

single bee only produces about 1 and 1/2 teaspoon of honey whoa get out of

my way worker bees have to fly a whopping 55 thousand miles to produce a 

pound of honey and it takes about 556 foraging bees to visit 2 million flowers 

to do so who suddenly the homework seems an easier task to do isn't it also 

honey is a precious gift of nature to us as it is full of vitamins minerals and has

many medicinal benefits beyond that honey also has many anti microbial and

healing properties linked with it that's why my friends we should value the

efforts of honeybees and cherish every drop of honey whoops see you soon 

with more fun facts until next time it's me zooming out hey kids you liked my 

videos didn't you before you go don't forget to click on the subscribe button 

and the bell so you won't miss out on my latest videos hahahaha see you 



1. What is honey? 

2. What is honey made of? 

3. What are some mind blowing facts about Honey?

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