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 Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?
 이** (jean)



Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? is a children's picture book, published in 1991, written and illustrated by Bill Martin, Jr. and Eric Carle. The book is designed to help toddlers identify wild animals and the noises they make. 



Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? By Bill Martin Jr., pictures by Eric Carle Narrator: Polar bear, Polar bear what do you hear? Polar Bear: I hear a lion roaring in my ear. Narrator: Lion, Lion what do you hear? Lion: I hear a hippopotamus snorting in my ear. Narrator: Hippopotamus, Hippopotamus what do you hear? Hippopotamus: I hear a flamingo fluting in my ear. Narrator: Flamingo, Flamingo what do you hear? Flamingo: I hear a zebra braying in my ear. Narrator: Zebra, Zebra what do you hear? Zebra: I hear a boa constrictor hissing in my ear. Narrator: Boa Constrictor, Boa Constrictor what do you hear? Boa Constrictor: I hear an elephant trumpeting in my ear. Narrator: Elephant, Elephant what do you hear? Elephant: I hear a leopard snarling in my ear. Narrator: Leopard, Leopard what do you hear? Leopard: I hear a peacock yelping in my ear. Narrator: Peacock, Peacock what do you hear? Peacock: I hear a walrus bellowing in my ear. Narrator: Walrus, Walrus what do you hear? Walrus: I hear a zookeeper whistling in my ear. Narrator: Zookeeper, Zookeeper what do you hear? Zookeeper: I hear children....growling like a polar bear, roaring like a lion, snorting like a hippopotamus, fluting like a flamingo, braying like a zebra, hissing like a boa constrictor, trumpeting like a elephant, snarling like a leopard, yelping like a peacock, and bellowing like a walrus, that's what I hear. Narrator: The End. 



1. What are the animals in the zoo? 

2. What do the animals hear? 

3. What does the zookeeper hear? What do they sound like?

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