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 Mice plague overwhelms farmers in Australia
 이** (jean)



A severe mice infestation that has been plaguing eastern Australia for months 

continues to wreak havoc, with millions of rodents swarming farms and homes

in the states of New South Wales and Queensland. The mice crisis has left

entire towns engulfed in pungent odours and farms reeling from crop losses 

with rodents devouring grain harvests or contaminating them with droppings. 



Kodi Brader: I get a couple of hundred mice every night. I catching buckets.

I've got about 15 bait stations and I spend at least an hour every morning and

every night picking up dead mice. > The mice plague in Eastern Australia has 

exploded in 6 months. The faming industry has been thrown into turmoil, with 

corps eaten or contaminated. And you thought I was joking. There's literally....

Holy! Kodi Brader: Uh, the smell is rotten. Like you know. The live smell of the

mice is you know terrible. But um yeah the dead smells you know 10 times worse.

So my house is absolutely sealed like a submarine like you know I've got rubber

around my doorways and underneath. And you know we don't open our windows

at all because you know mice have been known to chew through the house. 

And get into the house like we're just looking for somewhere warm now as well.

 There are fears that the rodents could reach Sydney in a matter of weeks.

Kodi Brader: It does play massive um impacts on your mental health, I can tell you.

I don't sleep um because I'm paranoid. You know you can hear them in your walls

and your roof. And I've got away to Sydney uh a couple of weeks ago and I had 

a night in a motel and it was heaven. You know like it was just like normally I don't 

go to Sydney to have a good night's sleep. Because you know the noise and all

that sort of thing but it was heaven not to be so paranoid. Mice can survive harsh,

dry weather and thrive when food is more abundant in the rainy season. The mouse

plague has been made worse by last year's bumper harvest and this year's heavy 

rains. Rodent numbers usually start fallling in Jun when Australia heads into winter. 



1. What has been plaguing eastern Australia?

2. What do farmers do in this situation?

3. According to the report, when will mice expect to start falling?

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