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 Arturo and the Seagull
 이** (jean)



Arturo is almost 90 years old. Widowed for a long time, he is used to being alone 

and his days pass as a pensioner, without doing anything special: walking, sitting

by the sea, pretending to listen to the radio. Then one day he gets a newspaper 

advertising cameras in his hands and, for a moment, the opportunity to devote 

himself to a hobby becomes a different color among the alleys of an empty and 

old country like him. The seagull that was chosen as the subject, however, 

seems to have an entirely different idea on the perfect photography and, 

what was born as a game to deceive the waiting, turns very soon into a small

enterprise that has the slow pace of the age, but the same urgency of freedom

and fantasy as a bird’s flight 



1. Who is Arturo? 

2. What new found hobby did he have?

3. Retell how Arturo tried to capture a photo of the seagull.

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