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 Little Otter Learns to Swim
 이** (jean)




Little Otter is growing up! Embark on this HEARTWARMING and BEAUTIFULLY 

illustrated tale of a young otter pup and her adventures as she learns one of 

life's most important skills, swimming! Please enjoy as we read aloud and present

"Little Otter Learns to Swim" by Artie Knapp! 



Little Otter learns to swim. Written by Artie Knapp illustrated by Guy Hobbs.

Little Otter started to quiver. She was scared of the mighty river. It was the first 

time away from her den, but Mother Otter told her to jump in! Then Little Otter 

was having fun splashing about in the summer sun. Her first swimming lesson was

about to begin. Little Otters excitement caused Mother to grin. Mother Otter was

patient at otter pup with love. They swam underwater, and floated above.

Diving practice came next as Little Otter dove off logs it's a great way to sneak

up on unsuspecting frogs. When lessons were done it was time for a rest little 

otter laced snug against mother's chest. The next few weeks were more of

the same:swimming, diving, and playing water games. One morning mother said

she'd return in a hurry. But seeing a bobcat meet little otter worry. 

The Bobcat was young too.It stared and hissed. Then an eagle swooped down,

but luckily missed. Little otter was frightened and old underwater. Although afraid,

she was a proud otter's daughter.When she came up mother was still away. 

So little otter ran home to hide for the day.Mother otter returned listened intently.

She comforted her pup and spoke to her gently.

The river said mother was the safest place to be away from their predators,

like wolf and coyote. At dawn little otter hurried back to the river. 

The moon was still lighting the sky with a sliver. The river was where little otter

longed to be there she was home, with great company. The end.



1. What skills did the Little Otter learn? 

2. What happened when her mom was away one day?

3. Where is the safe place to be for the otters? Why?

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