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 Office worker by day, delivery worker by night: more people taking on multiple jobs
 이** (jean)



The pandemic has reshaped the way many of us think about work. 



The pandemic has reshaped the way many of us think about work.

For some people, it's meant working remotely. But also, with distancing 

putting a damper on our social lives, it's meant taking on multiple jobs to turn

that spare time into money... or just to get out of the house. Kim Sung-min

has this report. Kim Sung-min: Around 6 PM when many people head home 

after work,... 30-year-old Kim Su-jin's day gets even busier. She transforms

herself from finance manager into delivery worker. A helmet and a delivery bag

are all she needs. It's been roughly six months since she started taking on 

second jobs after she leaves the office. She says the turning point was the 

pandemic. Kim Su-jin': COVID-19 left me with a lot of spare time. I couldn't 

go out to hang out,...and I could never work from home before the pandemic. 

But I started working remotely,...just going to work once or twice a week. 

This became a huge motivation." Kim Sung-min: She says one advantage of 

her second job is that she can freely fit her delivery job into any spare moment,

no matter where she is. Kim Su-jin': Having multiple jobs is not that uncommon

anymore. In fact, almost half of all office workers in a recent survey said they 

work more than two jobs." Kim Sung-min: And in the same survey, 80 percent 

of those who don't have a second job said they want to start taking multiple jobs.

The biggest motivation given by 57 percent of respondents was extra income. 

But almost as many people said taking on extra work is not just about the money.

30-year-old office worker, funding developer, online teacher and Youtuber, 

Lee Mi-so, completely agrees. Lee Mi-so: For me, I make a living with my main

job and pursue the things that I really want through second jobs. I can achieve 

self-realization through them and it's fun to observe different sides of me outside

of work." Kim Sung-min: As more people jump into second jobs,... 

mobile applications that anyone can use to find such work are gaining popularity.

Experts say, while this multi-job trend has been accelerated by the pandemic,...

its already becoming a permanent part of the job market.

Lee Jung-hee: The job market is not likely to return completely.

Even if our lives get back to normal,... some parts will stay non-contact.

Also, with fewer chances for unearned income, more people will be aiming to 

work more for additional income." Kim Sung-min: The professor added that with

this trend, there could be transformation in the job market with contracts 

diversifying based on the employees' different needs. 



1. Detail how the pandemic has reshaped the people's mind about work?

2. How does Kim Su-jin take her spare time?

3. How does the delivery service affect the job market?

2021-06-08 오후 2:11:12
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