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 The Weekend Away
 이** (jean)



THE WEEKEND AWAY is an edge-of-your-seat thriller that follows two best friends on a vacation gone awry. When one of them goes missing, the other must prove her innocence but her efforts to get to the truth uncover painful secrets. Directed by Kim Farrant. Screenplay by Sarah Alderson. Based on the book: 'The Weekend Away' by Sarah Alderson. 



First time in Croatia? It's beautiful. To weekends away. With best friends. Are you missing Mommy? Mama. I'm so tired. I just wanna go to bed. It took me months to convince you to come away. Who knows when we'll do it again. Kate? Did you lose something? My friend. You think it was an accident? Let's start with the details. Several people saw you and Kate arguing. Come on. Let's relive our misspent youth. -I'm married. Relax. It'll be an adventure. -Just come home. I can't. The police have taken my passport. You didn't argue with Kate hours before she died? Kate! It wasn't an argument. Your story keeps changing. What does that mean? They say you're a suspect in Kate's murder. I need to find out the truth. I have to charge you for your two extra guests. What are you saying? He's connected to organized crime. You think I killed Kate? I don't know who to believe. Oh my God. You didn't think we'd find out. Stop! Is there anything else you haven't told us? 



1. Where did two best friends go on a vacation?

2. Who is Kate? Who is the suspect of her murder? 

3. What do you think happened to Kate?

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