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 Biscuit in the Garden
 이** (jean)



Biscuit is excited to explore the garden. From the prettiest flowers to the smallest bugs, there's so much to see. And the little puppy even finds his own special way to add to the garden's bounty! 



Come along, Biscuit. It is time to visit the garden. Woof, woof! The garden is filled with so many things, Biscuit. Woof, woof! Just look at all the flowers and plants. Woof, woof! You found a butterfly, Biscuit. Woof, woof! You found a worm, too. Woof! Silly puppy! Don't dig now! Woof, woof! Oh, Biscuit ou found a little bird. Is the little bird hungry? Woof, woof! Tweet! Let’s feed the bird, Biscuit. Woof, woof! Wait, Biscuit. What do you see? Woof Two more little birds! Tweet! Tweet! Here is some bird seed. Come along, Biscuit. There's lots more to see. Tweet! Woof, woof! Tweet! Woof, woof! Oh no, Biscuit. Not the bird seed! Woof, woof! Tweet! Tweet! Tweet! Tweet! Just look at all of the birds now! Woof, woof! The garden is filled with so many things, Biscuits. But you fill the garden with lots of birds, too! Tweet! Tweet! Woof! 



1. Who is the main character in the story?

2. What things are in the Garden?

3. What did Biscuit fill in the garden?

2022-04-11 오후 12:48:42
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