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 Locked Down Shanghai Residents Scream From Apartments
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A lockdown in Shanghai, China, has kept the city’s 25 million residents confined to their homes for the last 12 days. Some citizens of the world’s third largest city have taken to screaming from their apartment windows in protest. The government has been delivering vegetables to homes, while some neighbors have improvised a barter system. CNN reporter David Culver says government workers have “sealed” front doors to discourage people from leaving. 



In Shanghai, China. The world's third largest city remains in lockdown. Twenty five million residents ordered confined to their homes. David Culver: They're using bicycle locks and padlocks just to keep people in. CNN's David Culver says, government workers sealed his front door to prevent him from leaving. Just clarify, you're shut in? There's like a paper barrier keeping you from exiting going to the food market? David Culver: I can't go outside that door. There's a seal. If I do physically, I could do it but I would break the sealand there's repercussions for that. The draconian deasures are enforced by men in white hazmat suits. Known as big whites. Some citizens in the authoritarian nation are losing it. Defying the lockdown by screaming from their apartment windows into the night. It's straight out of a dystopian Sci-Fi movie. Some people are yelling out. "WE'RE STARVING!" American Shanice Brakim, who lives in Shanghai hasn't been outside her apartment in 12 days. Shanice Brakim: I did a poll with. I don't I don't know the number of people but I feel like it was enough. How many people are probably going to leave China after this or if they just moved to a different city. And I think the last time I checked was like 80 percent of people said that they're going to leave. Another American Cameron Johnson tells Inside Edition. His neighbors have improvised a barter system. Cameron Johnson: You trade carrots for bread mix or the other day. We traded a few of the dumplings that we had made to somebody for some school supplies for the kids. 



1. What is the largest city in China remains lockdown? Why? 

2. How does citizens resist the lockdown? What are people yelling out? 

3. What has been improvised stated by Cameron Johnson?

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