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 Waiting Is Not Easy
 이** (jean)



Good things come to those who wait! Piggie has a surprise for her friend Gerald, but he just can't seem to wait. 



An ELEPHANT and PIGGIE Book. WAITING IS NOT EASY! By Mo Willems. GERALD! I have a surprise for you! Yay! What is it? The surprise us a surprise. Oh. Is it big? Yes! Is it pretty? Yes! Can we share it? Yes! I CANNOT WAIT! You will have too. Wait? What? Why? The surprise is not here yet. So I will have to... wait for it? Yes! GROAN! Oh, well. If I have to wait, I will wait. I am waiting. Waiting is not easy....Piggie! I want to see surprise now! I am sorry, Gerald. But we must wait. GROAN! I am don waiting! I do not think your surprise is worth all this waiting! I will not wait anymore. Okay, I will wait some more. It will be worth it. GROAN! Piggie! We have waited too long! It is getting dark! It is getting darker! Soon we will not be able to see each other. Soon we will not be able to see anything! WE HAVE WASTED THE WHOLE DAY! Well...Um... We have waited and waited and waited and waited! And for WHAT!? For that. This was worth to wait. I know. Tomorrow morning I want to show you the sunrise. 



1. What is piggie’s surprise to Gerald?

2. Did Gerald give –up waiting? Why or why not? 

3. Explain “Good things come to those who wait”

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