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 이** (jean)



David can't do everything his big brother can. On the other hand, he can get away with things his older sibling can't. Rules change, but one thing stays the same - no matter how much David grows up, he'll always be the "little" brother. 



Hello! My reading friends. It's Awnie. Did you know our friend David has an older brother? Let's find out what life is like for these brothers. As we read, GROW UP, DAVID! If you have a copy go get it so you can read along with me. Grow Up, David! By David Shannon. David's big brother always said... No, David! You're too little. Stop following me! Grow up, David! Very funny, David. David did it! THAT"S MINE! Go ahead, call Mom! Give it back, David! Have a nice trip! Make me! He hit me first. Thanks a lot David! Want to play? David, are you okay? Nice catch, Dave! In all honesty siblings don't always get along. But deep down inside, they really do love each other. I hope you enjoyed our story today see you next time



1. Mention what does David's big brother always say to him? 

2. Were they punish? Why?

3. Why are sibling relationships important in early childhood?

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