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 A fifth of reptile species face extinction
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About a fifth of reptile species, including the Komodo dragon, rhinoceros viper and India’s gharial are threatened with extinction and 31 species are already extinct, according to researchers in the first comprehensive global status assessment for reptiles 



A fifth of reptile species are at risk of extinction according their first global status assessment for reptiles. Leslie Rissler: Species are declining at a rapid rate Um… Some estimates 10 times, a 100 times a thousand times more than the background rate of extinction that normally happens on the planet so we're at a really critical time in our you know in earth's history. The study examined 10, 196 reptile species. And found 21% are endangered. Thirty one species are already extinct. The biggest threats they face include hunting, deforestation and urban development Bruce Young: Reptiles represent a unique evolutionary heritage on the tree of life. And if all of those uh... 20 of reptiles that are threatened today go extinct. We will lose accumulation of 15 billion years of evolution. That's, that's led to these fascinating creatures that we see around us today. 



1. Why species are declining at a rapid rate as stated by Leslie Rissler? 

2. How many species are already extinct? What are the biggest threats they face?

3. Explain why reptiles represent a unique evolutionary heritage on the tree of life?

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