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 By the Numbers: Earth Day
 이** (jean)



A look at the history behind the celebration of Earth Day, and what progress still needs to be made as the planet warms. 



As many celebrate our planet this earth day. We wanted to take a look at earth day by the numbers. And how much planet earth has changed since earth day first began. Earth day began in 1970. As an effort to educate students and the world about climate change and threats facing our planet. That year, 20 million Americans ten percent of the population of the U.S demonstrated against the impact of 150 years of industrial development. One billion, that's the number of people Earth Day org says have mobilized to fight for the future of the planet each year now. At least 190 countries are engaged and earth day is widely recognized as the largest secular observance in the world. 2.6 degrees that's how much the United States has warmed since their first earth day. The 49 states with sufficient data have all seen temperatures climb in the past 52 years. One hundred and ninety two weeks, that's how long climate activist Greta Hundberg has been striking from school on Fridays. She posted this photo today saying "this is not a happy earth day." She urged leaders in power to stop destroying the planet. And enact meaningful changes before it’s too late .President Biden marked Earth Day today by signing an executive order. Aimed at protecting America's force. He says his administration is doing everything it can to slow the climate crisis 



1. When did Earth day begin? What was it aim? 

2. Thoroughly describe what occurred in that year. 

3. How did President Biden mark Earth Day?

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