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 이** (jean)



Meet Buttercup: he’s a well-behaved beagle and really quite regal! One day when his owner, Jill, goes out, he begins to transform into a very different dog. He gets into all kinds of trouble. What will Jill think when she gets home? Find out as we read together!



Hello! My reading friends. I'm so glad you came to read with me today. If you want to read more stories with me be sure to subscribe. Have you ever known a dog that made a huge mess in the house when he was left alone? In this story we'll meet Buttercup. Let's see what kind of trouble he might get into when his owner goes out for the day as we read Illegal Beagle. If you have a copy, go get it. So you can read along with me. ILLEGAL BEAGLE WRITTEN BY SANDRA ORRICK GONZALEZ ILLUSTRATED BY NELLIE EGGERKAYAN. There once was a beagle who acted QUITE REGAL. It seemed he was fit for a THRONE. But Buttercup beagle could be so ILLEGAL! His owner Jill could not have known. A DAPPER DEMEANOR, he couldn’t be cleaner, his tail he so rarely waved. When Jill was present, this pup was sure PLEASANT. He appeared to be so WELL- BEHAVED. One day Jill left home, leaving him all alone, and this beagle began to TRANSFORM. He started with GROWLS, then long BAYS AND HOWLS, while he tore through the house like a storm. He SNATCG+HED all the shoes! He used them like chews, destroying the rubbery soles. He thought it a hoot that HE STOLE ALL THE FRUIT, leaving nothing behind the bowls. HE tinkled the rug and the kitten he MUGGED, just to take the cat's place on the couch. HE LOST ALL CONTROL< chewed a large cushion hole, till his posture turned into a SLOUCH. Oh, he couldn't believe what A VANDAL AND THIEF of a canine that he had become. WHEN KJILL arrived home, she let out a GROAN, leaving Buttercup WISTFUL AND GLUM. “NOW, WHAT DID YOU DO? WE DON'T LIVE IN A ZOO!" She shouted with all of her might. No whimper more sound. He knew what he'd done wasn't right. But poor Buttercup didn’t like the lock-up. It was troublesome being confined. The sadness and pain surely. SCRAMBLED HIS BRAIN and he thought he was losing his mind. He stared straight ar Jill, who gave him a chill, and he GLOOMILY Cried oat his PLEA. Please walk me outside, take me on a fun ride, or the dog park where I can run. FREE. Donta leave me alone with a bed and a bone. MY LONELINESS DRIVES ME INSANE. And if you od leave, I'LL WHINE AND I"LL GRIEVE so you don't lock me up once again. Jill met his sad GAZE and she soon lost her CRAZE, then knelt down to stroke his short hair. A promises she made and she never has strayed, for she gives him. THE VERY BEST CARE. There now is a beagle who's never illegal. He hasn't reason to frown. This legal beagle is really QUITE REGAL, deserving to wear A KING'S CROWN! When Jill found out what Buttercup needed. Everything turned around and Buttercup became very well behaved. I hope you enjoyed our story today. See you next time. 



1. Who is Buttercup? Who is his owner? 

2. What kind of trouble did Buttercup get into? 

3. What is the moral lesson of the story?

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