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 Toymakers develop tiny space exploration robot for future moon landings
 이** (jean)



A Japanese toymaker is aiming to become an unlikely part of potential future moon landings. The moon exploration robot Sora-Q was jointly developed by major Japanese toymaker Tomy and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (Jaxa). The robot has 2 wheels for navigating lunar surfaces and 2 cameras to record future landing missions. It’s also made out of aluminium and plastic materials that can withstand extreme temperatures on the moon. Jaxa is planning to send the robot on its Smart Lander for Investigating Moon (Slim) in 2023. 



Is it a toy?...No! Sora-Q was designed to explore the moon. It was jointly made by toymaker Tomy and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. Children’s toy-making techniques helped create this tiny explorer. Kenta Hashiba: Sora-Q is very small and light weight. The techniques to make smaller toys, simple crafted toys and the techniques for a toy to move are all implemented. Sora-Q weighs 250 grams and is 8 centimeters in a diameter. Its aluminum and plastic materials can withstand extreme lunar temperatures. It has 2 wheels to navigate through sand...and 2 cameras to record future moon landings. Daichi Hirano: The cameras on Sora-Q will be filming how the lunar ladder. Slim (Smart Lander for Investigating the Moan) lands on the moon. Our goal is to have those photos transmitted to Earth. Jaxa plans to send Sora-Q space in 2023. 



1. What is Sora –Q designed for? Recount its features.

2. Who developed the robot? 

3. What will be the function of the cameras on Sora- Q?

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