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 Perfectly preserved hadrosaurus embryo fossil discovered in China
 이** (jean)



A rare intact dinosaur embryo fossil has been uncovered in China’s southern Jiangxi province. Based on the characteristics of the skeleton, scientists from the Fujian Science and Technology Museum and China University of Geosciences, who announced the discovery on May 11, 2022, believe it belongs to the hadrosaurus species, also known as duck-billed dinosaurs. The newly discovered specimen is said to be the best preserved in the world yet. A branch of embryo fossils was also discovered by the same museum team in December 2021, including an oviraptorosaur embryo fossil. 



A birth frozen for hundreds of millions of years. Chinese scientists believe this dinosaur embryo fossil is the best preserved found to date. It belongs to the hadrosaurus species, also called the duck-billed dinosaur. Intact dinosaur embryo fossils are rare finds, as most fade away inside their eggshells. The fossil found in Chinas southern Jiangxi province provides clues to dinosaur behavior and evolution. The same team discovered and intact oviraptoros embryo fossil in December 2021. The find further solidifies between giant dinosaurs and their smaller modern descendants, birds. 



1. What did Chinese scientists believe?

2. What is the hadrosaurus species is also called? 

3. What has the fossil found in China's southern Jiangxi province provided?

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